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Rylan's investigation treehouse

How Rylan Created his Treehouse Investigation

Step 4 References and Information on the Internet

See the sections below to learn how Rylan planned for and composed Step #4 of his treehouse investigation, Weeds in Rylan's Yard.

Planning / Following the Basic Treehouse Guidelines

How Rylan Gathered References

Rylan used the University of Arizona's online catalog to find books about weeds that he then checked out and studied. Any public library would also work fine.

Basic Tree house Guidelines: References (Book /Magazines etc.)

At least three book, journal, magazine, documentary film etc. type references, formatted in a bibliography style.

How Rylan Gathered Information on the Internet

Because there is so much information available on the Internet, Rylan wanted to make sure the sites he linked to on his page provided quality information. For example, Rylan wanted sites that were regularly updated and preferred sites that were not commercial. Rylan found good sites by surfing the Internet and surveying sites that matched the topics he was interested in. Rylan followed the basic (optional) treehouse guidelines and listed three good quality Internet links.

Basic Tree house Guidelines: Information on the Internet

At least three quality links with information on what one will find at each site. Links must have something to do with treehouse page content. These Internet links must be entered in the Information on the Internet Section, but if students would like they may also put hyperlinks in other sections of their page.

How Rylan Gathered "People References"

Rylan has two "people references."

Basic Tree house Guidelines: "People References"

Editing with the Treehouse Editor

Adding References

Once Rylan had three interesting references he went to the Reference section and typed them in, just as he would if he were writing a bibliography for a report.

Adding "People" References

Rylan discussed his conversation with his roommate and the landscaping company in his treehouse text. To do this he went to Step 2 Edit Page Content and chose to compose text. He then created a section called "What Other People Think." In this section he wrote about what he learned from his two "people" references.

Adding Internet Links

Rylan went to the Information on the Internet section and entered:

To get spaces for more internet links he choose how many more links he wanted to add, put that number in the space and clicked submit.

Additional Links

Try it Yourself!

To use the treehouse editor you may either:

Once you are at the Treehouse Editor, choose Step 4 Edit References and Information on the Internet. Try filling out the fields. Click on Save and Preview to see the information that you have entered in the Information on the Internet and References sections of the treehouse page.

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