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Did You Hear About The White Tailed Deer?


By Erin Roth and Melissa 

Scientific Name: Odocoileus virginianus

Common Name: White Tailed Deer

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Questions and Answers

Where are white tailed deer found?

White tailed deer are mainly found in forests. They are also found near farmland and swamps. These deer are found throughout North America, some of southern Canada, and some of Central America.

What does a typical white tailed deer look like?

An adult white tailed deer during the summer has a bright, reddish brown coat and during the winter it has a duller grayish brown coat.  The younger deer, also known as fawn, have a reddish coat with white spots.

How much does an adult deer weigh?

An adult male deer usually weighs up to 300 pounds.  Female deer can weigh up to 125 pounds. The average height for a white tailed deer is 3.5 feet high.

What do white tailed deer eat?

What a white tailed deer eats depends on the environment in which it lives. Deer are mainly herbivores, eating various twigs, shrubs, fruits, and nuts. They eat up to three times a day when food is available.

What is the behavior of deer?

When a deer is startled, it may raise its tail to show the white underside, hence the name white tailed deer. When a mother raises her tail, it helps to allow her fawn to follow her.

How many young do deer produce?

A female deer, also known as a doe, can produce anywhere from 1 to 4 young.

How long do deer usually live?

In the wild, deer can live up to 10 years old, but in captivity, deer can live up to 20 years old.

Are white tailed deer nocturnal?

White tailed deer are mainly active at night and early morning.

Fun Facts

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Word Search

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Crossword Puzzle

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What People Think

Kyle- Thought that this site was very organized. He liked the crossword puzzle very much. His favorite picture on the site was the picture of the buck. Kyle thought that the word search, "was a bit challenging", while the crossword and fill in the blanks were relatively easy. He thinks that other kids would have fun learning about deer and playing games to help learn the information; as long as they don't already know about deer.


1) She learned new things about the deer that she sees in her backyard every day.

2) She thought that the pictures were all equally nice to look at.

3) She thought the games were not that challenging and she thought it was interesting.


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