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Protococcidiorida Kheisin 1956

Jan Šlapeta
Containing group: Apicomplexa


This group of apicomplexan parasites is characterised by the presence of extracellular gamogony and sporogony. Merogony is apparently absent. Extracellular sporozoites develop directly into gamonts. These parasites are found in estuarine, marine and tidal annelids. In taxonomical texts they are classified as Order Protococcidiida Kheisin, 1956.

There are four families:

Family: Eleutheroschizonidae Chaton & Villeneuve, 1936
Family: Myriosporidae Grasse, 1953
Family: Angeiocystidae Leger, 1911
Family: Grellidae Levine, 1973

Grellia dinophili sporozoites in the body cavity of the marine archiannelid Dinophilus gyrociliatus were studied using transmission electron microscopy.  They possess a distinct crystalloid body and a nice set of rhoptries (Elwasila 1983).

Nothing is known about the genetic identity of these organisms.

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Elwasila, M. 1983. A fine-Structural comparison of the Sporozoites of Grellia (Eucoccidium) dinophili in Dinophilus gyrociliatus and of Isospora fells. in the Mouse. Z Parasitenkd 69:583-589

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